Boo! Helping Our Pets Prepare for Spooky Season

Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy make for a fun fall experience! Well, at least fun for us humans – it can be a different story for our pets. Whether it’s navigating neighborhood walks with spooky lawn décor or preparing for trick-or-treating without a door-dashing dog, here are some tips for keeping the Halloween season fun and low-stress for you and your pets!

Halloween Tips for Pets

Safety First: Prevent door dashing and accidental escapes on Halloween by using baby gates to block exits or keeping your pets in another room with a tasty chew. Prevention is best but make sure your pet is wearing an ID collar so that they can be returned to you if they do escape.

Costume Fun: Pets may be startled by seeing people in strange costumes. Don’t force your pet to greet trick-or-treaters and when in doubt keep them behind a gate or in another room. If your pet enjoys wearing their own clothes and you plan on dressing them up for the holiday, get their costume ahead of time and let them get used to wearing it. Always pair wearing the costume with treats and fun games so that they have a positive experience!

Reduce Stress: Remember that many pets experience more stress when there is increased doorbell or knocking activity. During peak trick-or-treating hours, keep your pet in another room with a long-lasting chew or frozen toy and play soft music to help counteract the front door sounds.

Candy Caution: Keep candy and empty wrappers away from your pets! Chocolate and artificial sweeteners can be toxic to pets, and empty wrappers pose a choking hazard and can lead to digestive issues. Keep candy and wrappers out of reach, and keep an eye out for any dropped sweets on the sidewalk when out for walks after Halloween.

Lawn Decorations: It’s fun to make your lawn into a spooky scene with tombstones, ghosts, and other Halloween décor, but some of our dogs can find these additions a little too spooky. Help them out by walking on the opposite side of the street when you can or avoid houses with large decorations if your dog is afraid. Bring treats on every walk and offer them to your dog as you pass by lawn décor to help them learn that scary stuff is not so spooky after all!

If your dog struggles to stay calm and confident during the holiday season book your consultation, today for targeted tips and training guidance to keep your holiday season fun!


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