Why We Love Virtual Dog Training

Virtual dog training comes with a lot of perks, which is why Rover Rehab offers a variety of virtual and hybrid training options! Working virtually allows your trainer to provide you with customized coaching and a personalized approach for teaching manners, resolving behavior problems, preparing for a new pet, and more. Virtual training is effective, convenient, and gives you the tools to address all of your dog’s training needs at home and out in the world!



Virtual dog training sessions are conducted via live video conferencing which gives us the ability to train at your home, in your yard, in your neighborhood, and around town in dog-friendly locations – no matter where you live! During every session you’ll receive personalized coaching to help you meet your training goals and empower you and your pet with the skills you need to live your best life together. You’ll leave every virtual session with new skills you can put into practice in everyday life as well as management tips to provide relief from behaviors that are causing frustration or stress. Virtual training also comes with flexible scheduling – weekday, evening, and weekend appointments are available!

Why are training consultations conducted virtually instead of the trainer coming to my house?

We want you to be successful so it’s important for your trainer to learn all about your dog and your training needs – meeting virtually is an ideal way to do this. Training consultations are an opportunity for your trainer to learn all the details they need about your dog to come up with a customized training plan, introduce management and foundation training pointers to get you started, and work with you to determine the best option for ongoing training. These consultations require a lot of talking on the human side, so meeting virtually allows us to do this with the least distraction for your pet. With this foundation appointment, your trainer will be able to create a training plan that will be most effective for your individual dog and your specific situation.

Won’t training be less successful if the trainer isn’t here in person to work with my dog?

Not at all! In fact, we’ve found the opposite to be true – virtual training means you and your dog quickly pick up on new skills together since there is no distraction of a trainer being present. You’ll receive exactly the same expert guidance as you would get during in-person training, with the only difference being that YOU get to be the “go-to” person for your dog! Your trainer doesn’t live in your home with you, so virtual training lets us set you and your dog up for success by making sure YOU have the skills and tools to practice at home without a trainer there. We want your dog to pay attention to you instead of the trainer, and virtual training helps us accomplish that.

Virtual training is especially effective for dogs who are overly excited or nervous about guests, as having a trainer enter their home can be stressful. Meeting virtually allows us to introduce “real life” training skills first, then add guests coming over once our dogs are more likely to be successful. This often speeds up the training process since your dog is already equipped with training skills once guests come over!

What can I expect during a virtual training session?

All of our virtual sessions are conducted live via Zoom, so all you need is a phone or computer with a camera and internet access. We will spend the first few minutes of the session checking in on your training tasks from the previous session and making any needed adjustments. Then you will be introduced to one or two new training exercises designed to help you meet your training goals. Your trainer will show you a new skill via either live demo with one of their dogs or with video, and then will coach you in real time as you practice the skill with your own dog.

This type of coaching means that you will be able to successfully work on training at home even when you aren’t in a training session because you’ll already have had a chance to practice your skills in that setting. The last part of the session will be spent going over questions about new training skills and introducing your “Action Items” (the things you will practice at home). After the session you’ll receive customized training notes, video clips from your session, and resources to support your training.

What kind of training skills can be taught virtually?

So many different things! Virtual training can help with puppy training including potty training, crate training, helping with puppy biting and nipping, leash manners, polite greetings, and socialization. We can work on manners and obedience for dogs of any age, whether your dog has never had training before or if they need to brush up on their skills. Virtual training is also great for providing relief from fear, anxiety, reactivity, resource guarding, and other behavioral problems. I’m currently working virtually with clients who are successfully tackling everything from puppy training to leash reactivity!

How can I socialize my puppy if we’re only meeting virtually?

Luckily for us, socialization doesn’t always mean having our puppies directly interact with people or other dogs. The more important component of socialization is having positive exposure to a variety of things, and this is something we can very effectively coach you on via virtual training. We can even take virtual field trips where you bring your puppy somewhere new, hop onto Zoom on your phone, and receive real-time coaching on introducing your puppy to new environments, people, and animals!

Where can I learn more about virtual training services?

Check out our Services pages for information on virtual training options for puppies, adult dogs, and fear and reactivity!


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